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"I will Survive!"

Major marking I gave myself a break to take my trusty camera up to the allotment to see what wonders of nature were unfolding now that the temperature has risen. Unfortunately, Tony has done such a tremendous job of clearing the huge space that the only plant life on offer was rhubarb. Now there are two reasons why I decided against a rhubarb blip. Firstly I blipped it last year, about a month further on, and secondly at the moment in large it looked like a rather disgusting jaundiced brain with a pink brainstem and I didn't think you would want to look at that in close-up over your teas!

So what do you think this is? It's a testament to a plant's will to survive against Tony's brutal pruning. It is a result of our daughters burying their conkers many moons ago. Every year it tries to turn into a tree at the bottom of the rockery, and every year it gets hacked back. Go tree!

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