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Been cleaning out my closet after finding out that Sidney cat had decided to use my shoes to piss in and of course the new maple floor. This is not just about a cat being naughty. Sidney is auto-immune and has nearly died several times in his 8 1/2 years. One of the last dramas was about crystals in the urine and having to spend days on end at the vets with a catheter in his penis. Because of his horrible immune system he almost did not make it through that round. So peeing outside the box - anywhere outside - is a huge warning bell that something is not right.

I have figured out what is bothering him. Whether it will be fixable - time will tell. Having three cats with serious health issues is very exhausting. I have done my time in the ill animal department and after these cats have lived their lives - no more. No more cats and no more Newfies - just labradorables and Nikons.

The back room with the pissed on closet has been gone through and everything that was in the closet is out. All the furniture is moved to the far side of the room and we are now ready to have the handyman come and put new doors on the closet. Right now there are damaged sliders that the cats can open as they please. I just want a place that is mine that cannot be filled with pet hair and I can put my things away and close and lock them up and know that no one will piss on them, borrow them, steal them or even eye them!

The photo is a corner of my lingerie cabinet. It is Indonesian and I bought it many many years ago at Summerhouse in Mill Valley, California. I love the chipped paint look.

I am looking forward to commenting later tonight. Have set aside Blip time - finally. So I can catch up with all of you.

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