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By skippygirl

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nope I am sure I am not alone in the new years resolution stakes of must eat less and exercise more!

Got back from Stirling this afternoon all uneventful apart from not noticing where to turn off the M8 through all the horrible roadworks that are going on round there.

So I guess the holidays are pretty much over, although I won't be back in work for one more day but I guess tomorrow will be the day we undress the tree and pack everything into the loft for another year.

What do we think 2011 will hold? who knows, I hope it may include a new (more spacious) house, as much as I love ours I do think we may have outgrown it!!

However on the topic of resolutions, last night Si and I had a conversation that went along the lines of

S: what sporting events are you going to do in 2011 then?
Me: what do you mean? I might sign up for something, maybe another 10K
S: you should push yourself more why not a 1/2 marathon
Me: the 10K I did last yr nearly killed me, are you mad?!!

Let me explain slightly, Simon ran the Edinburgh Marathon in 2009 and so definitely has the upper hand in the fitness stakes even though it was 2 years ago. I meanwhile just about managed to haul myself round the Keighley 10k in 2010 - which was painful

He has great plans for runs and bike rides in 2011 (although he assures me a marathon is not on the cards). I used to be quite fit myself once doing circuit training etc and was in my University rowing team and then joined Bradford Rowing club for several years post university, but recently, well, things have definitely slipped.

So today I dusted off the trainers and took to the road (despite my being convinced that I resemble Jimmy Saville in running style!) we'll see how far I get but I do fear I may be goaded into entering a half marathon (I say goaded because he knows how competitive I can be, and he will almost certainly convince me) and then I'll be totally stuck - I'll be the one walking at the back of the pack after the first 4 miles!!

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