Bethanne Who

By BethanneWho

Noodle Ornament Confusion

I often get confused at the holidays whether or not I am supposed to decorate the tree with noodle pudding or with mercury glass ornaments. Being an artist I can do wonders with noodle pudding on branches so clarity here matters.

Kugel is the word for a baked Ashkenazi Jewish pudding or casserole that is mainly egg noodles.

Yet - kugel is the German word for a sphere or ball. I have at least fifty of these lovely mercury glass ball ornaments. They are a favorite of mine because they are a crackle glass. Pure unlined, unblemished glass seems so uninteresting to me. Like people - I like all the quirks and faults and lines from history found in their faces. Lies, bad decisions, humbly accepting responsibility for these actions and seeing it as just one more life lesson to add to the beautiful cracks in the reflected glass - reflected because we all are this way.

I have no use for perfection. I want a wire sticking out of the top and crooked angles, lines in obvious places and softness in the light of day. This makes me happy.

So decorate your tree with noodles or kugels or both. Whatever you decide it is all about a celebration of life. It's ornamental my dear Watson!

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