Bethanne Who

By BethanneWho

Bokeh Fresh out of the Oven

Whenever I hear someone on Blipfoto using the word BOKEH, it makes me think of my old aunts, Mary, Gussie and Rose. From their kitchen came the most delicious rugelach, blintzes and gefilte fish. Bokeh sounds like something served with potato pancakes or something you'd find next to the spinach and cheese pierogi.

All this has nothing to do with my blip today. Just dreaming of food I suppose because I have lost a whole size in clothing <takes a bow> and have been back on the treadmill an hour at a time reaching for one more size downwards. My US size 6 jeans are hanging on the back of the bathroom door just waiting patiently for me. When I fit back into them I will attempt my first self portrait :-)

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