By Hellonwheels


This is my first attempt at doing a portrait with my camera. Matters were not helped by the subject matter (my youngest niece) being more than reluctant to offer her services. She can be quite stubborn at times but eventually after pulling faces and moving at the crucial moment she let me take this one shot.

Youngest niece is in the nursing profession (following in her mother's footsteps) but, whereas her mother specialized in geriatrics, my niece has gone to the other end of the spectrum and is a paediatric nurse (poor children. What have they ever done to deserve Miss Bossy Boots looking after them?). However, despite being quite dictatorial and extremely outspoken, rumour has it that she is extremely good at her job and is kindness itself to the children and their parents.

She has promised that when I am in my dotage she will look after me (a plus on the side of euthanasia if ever there was one!).

All joking aside she is a lovely girl of whom I am very fond and when she is not too busy being a typical twenty-something year old she extends her kindness to me too.

One thing I will say though is that snails, flowers and bugs are far more amenable to having their 'portraits' taken and I fear that my career as a portrait photographer could be over before it has begun if I have as much trouble with my next subject as I had with my first one.

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