By Hellonwheels


I didn't have to go far for today's blip as this car was sitting just across the road from my house. It transpires that it belongs to my neighbour who has had it holed up in a garage for a few months while he got it back in running order.

The same neighbour bought my brother's old Morris car when my brother deemed that it had seen better days (he was left with egg on his face as it ran for years and years after that and no matter how cold the weather was she - Bessie # 1 - always started up first time).

Bessie # 2 (as this vehicle has now been christened by me) is a different shade to the original one (which was grey) but if he gets as much mileage out of her as the previous one he has bagged himself a bargain.

It all seems a far cry from the aubergine coloured Aston Martin that, as a young man, he used to whizz about in whilst trying to impersonate James Bond!

I did crop the picture somewhat as just to the rear of the car was a mini skip which didn't enhance the scene one bit!

Today, my plans went out of the window as very early this morning the man came to scarify my lawn and so I couldn't leave the house until he was done and dusted and I had paid him for his time. As a consequence I took the opportunity to put furniture back where it belongs and to wash the curtains (they dried out in the lovely sunshine within a short space of time).

Tomorrow I am scheduled to put my beloved books back in their home (that could be a long job if I get waylaid, by them, as much as I did when I took them out). Hopefully, the house will then be back to normal and I can forget about decorating for another few years (at least!).

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