By Hellonwheels


I escaped from work for a short while today and whilst absent with leave the above scene took my fancy.

The building used to be a thread mill and although it is not on the Floss the canal does run next to it and that would have, in the mill's early days, provided transport for the necessary equipment and goods.

When the thread mill ceased to be a going concern a greetings card manufacturing firm took over the building but since then it has been sold off and converted into "waterside apartments". As with the chimney in my own village, this one is also a listed building and as such remains in situ.

I didn't get to bed last night quite as early as I had intended as, having just shut down my computer for the night, I had to go and play referee to the cat fight that my feline fiend was embroiled in. By the time the 'growling', spitting and cajoling (on my part -the cajoling that is, I haven't yet taken to growling or spitting - in trying to entice him into the house) it was minutes away from ten o'clock. I was not pleased and went to bed even more twined (a Yorkshire word equating with cranky) than I had been earlier in the day. However, a good night's sleep eradicted the tiredness and I am back on form, I hope, today.

The painting of the living room commences tomorrow and as it anticipated to be completed on Friday I can just about put up with the turmoil for a few more days.

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