By Hellonwheels


PURPLE & ORANGE & PINK....I can sing a rainbow (but I shall spare you that ordeal).

Last night I actually spent some time reading the manual for my camera (it has only taken me a year to get around to). As a consequence I determined that the next blip I would take would be attempted with, hopefully, my camera's settings adjusted appropriatley.

However, today took a rather bizarre turn as I went to town in order to post a parcel to my nephew-in-law for his upcoming birthday. On route to the post office I took a short cut through a department store and discovered that they were having a bed sale (with free delivery - normally £40 - thrown in). I have been meaning, for some time, to get around to buying a new bed and so the offer on one that I fancied seemed too good to miss. I bit the bullet and bought it and, seeing as it will not be delivered for 3 to 5 weeks, I then thought it would give me ample time to have my bedroom painted. Off I went to the local DIY store and in a fit of madness I purchased paint for both my bedroom AND the living room (prior to the purchase I hadn't intended to spruce up the living room as well).

While making my paint colour choices I thought it provided a suitable blip opportunity and carrying out my resolve to attempt to adjust my camera to suit the circumstances I tinkered with the settings on my camera.

It is only when I got home and looked at the snap that I realized that I had intended to turn the flash off but didn't. Ah well, it is early days.

Well, having gone to the post office to spend £2.20 on posting a parcel I came home £300 worse off. I don't think I'll post any parcels for a while.....

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