By Hellonwheels


Today, in the United Kingdom, is the day of the general election and I am sure that all the members of all the parties, standing for election, would like to assure every one of us that our vote does count.

However, once the country have decided as to which political party they wish to have in government the chosen ones will no doubt revert to type and pretend that they never made us all the pretty promises about reducing taxation, making us financially secure, improving education and health services.

That being said, a 'vote' does count - on a Scrabble board - as 14 points (double word score) so at least that's some consolation.

At work, today, we have all been disccussing the financial crime workshop that we were forced to attend yesterday. It was a real eye opener to those of us of a non criminal nature as the majority of us didn't have the first clue as to how to go about stealing someone's identity and I never knew there were so many ways to commit fraud! To those attendees who were of a dodgy character to begin with it would certainly have provided them with a few pointers as to how they could commence a crime spree. As a consequence, I am not sure that the workshop was such a good idea after all.

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