By Hellonwheels


These blooms are at the bottom of my front garden. They grow without any assistance from me and, fortunately, have the ability to see to themselve (they would be waiting a long time for me to tend to them - I don't do gardening). The colours are at their best at the moment and so I thought their efforts were worthy of a blip.

It has been a mad day at work today with none of us seeming as if we had time to draw breath. However, in amongst it all we said goodbye to one of our number who is leaving to go and work in another department. The person will be sadly missed as they were always a willing worker and one who could cope admirably with the awkward customers we have to deal with on a daily basis (we used to get nice customers to deal with but all we seem to get these days is Mr & Mrs Angry). In truth I think the whole of the department are envious of our ex-colleague as I'm sure that at the moment, the way things are, we would all rather have differnt jobs to go to.

I am off now to set about the cleaning of the house (such excitement) before whipping up some pasta and a feta cheese salad for my evening meal.

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