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the doctor away and the dentist in pay

It felt slightly like the back end of a sunny afternoon all day today, strange for the first day of the month when it's usually slightly more fraught. I even made it out to trundle about at lunchtime.

It's been a few years since my first emergent third molar (right mandibular) popped up and was swiftly hoicked painlessly out by my dentist using an implement differing only slightly (and then only cosmetically) from the similar grabbing-and-levering devices on the shelves of the Museum of Dentistry adjacent to the Museum of Surgery behind the Royal College of Surgeons. A year or so ago it felt like the other side was joining in but after a couple of days the discomfort disappeared as swiftly as it had come and a quick X-ray indicated that it wasn't much further on than it had been in the last X-ray from the time when the other one was removed and that I should expect the odd twinge every now and then when it advances a bit. It's having another go at the moment, still invisible from the limited amount of inspection possible in the bathroom mirror but vaguely perceptible as a slight ache and sensation of pressure underneath my second molar. As they require a bit too much aggravational chewing I've laid off the oatcakes at work since finishing what I had in stock yesterday morning and have been sticking to things requiring slightly less bite pressure as trying to chew everything on the right side of my mouth aggravates the relevant area slightly.

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