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Flesh Fly...

Today the project I've been working on for about 6-months start to go into production. The whole team have been working their socks off for months and to be honest we wanted to start last weekend to get it over with. I've got nothing but praise for my colleagues on both sides of the Atlantic and out outside contractors. For the rest of this weekend I'll be going in and out to do my bits, so my blipping could be a bit sporadic and my commenting (already low) will drop to zero...

Today's blip is a flesh fly (Sarcophagidae) of some sort. To identify it to a specific species apparently I need to dissect it's genitals... which is hard as it flew off after I took this blip. They lay their maggots (not eggs) into dead or injured flesh where they eat what they find - hence the name. While it's an essential function I'm not quite sure why they have to be so ugly! This one is taking advantages of the nectar on a wildflower.

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