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Watts going on?

Went for a nice bike ride early afternoon. The roads are in a utter mess with localised flooding and covered with enough crud to make it more like a mountain bike ride than a road ride. Only a few morons in cars out today - they really shouldn't take their fancy cars out if they aren't prepared to get mud on them...

Today's rather feeble blip is a shot of a Current Cost meter. It gives you lots of figures for your electricity use and it's hooked up to my computer were I can log the figures. Considering I've got my desktop and the server running, 310 W for the house isn't too bad - a moment after this was taken it was running at 1.9 kW as the oven was being used by my better half... As a general rule think 1 W on for a year is £1. I took this picture as I had a call from someone trying to us a current meter on the Church in the village - but the three phase supply make it's a bit more complicated!

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