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Little yellow rose 2

Very strange day at work today. We discovered a bug in three old programs yesterday. Someone fixed the bug and we thought we were all done but when we tested the output one of the programs no longer crashed but the output was incorrect in a way that didn't make sense given the change we made to correct it. It was pretty obvious what was going wrong but we couldn't understand why only one program was affected.... In the end the three programs were different in ways we hadn't anticipated and it was actually easy to understand what was going on and fix in the end but you would have never guessed that from the start!

Today's blip is of a small yellow rose and it's neighbour. While I was taking this blip and other less successful pictures I was being spied on my a lady of mature years. When it's warm she is often in the garden - at this time of year she looks at it from indoors!

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