Abnormally average

By Pootar

Oh Well, Whatever...



One Nirvana Nevermind sheet music book (No I cant play.. ANYTHING)

One bowl of water

One water dropper

One hand on shutter, one on dripper





Over 800 shots

Minor touch ups in PS

I want it to look better! I hate that i'm so compulsive that when I want to do something I cant stop. I don't think you'll be able to see how clear the baby is in the reflection of the water drop, but I promise you it's pretty good (you can even see his winky) (does that mean its classed as a nude blip? DON'T REPORT IT! (I can pixelate it)
Same sort of shot as my 300th blip and I think only the second time i've tried to redo it. It gets to a point where it's not fun (ok, it's a little bit fun;)
I wish I could explain just how fiddly this gets.

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