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Any Ideas?

Another day toiling under the floor to insulate it, or should I say my better half under the floor while I was doing more comfortable things above the floor. We removed a gigantic wasp's nest that was from some years ago which we will keep to show people as long as it holds together and this tag. I've no idea who "G W & S Ltd" are or what could be 55.5 x 31.5 x 16 inches or 141 x 80 x 41 cm (in non-medieval units) in size and come in multiple colours.

Assuming it's not from before the house was built it can't be older than 1936 and the customer's name isn't anyone who has owned the house up to 1977 when the last paper deeds exist - I'd have to check the electronic records for dates after that - so I can't hint at a date.

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