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Not For Climbing

After work today we went along to a local Cafe Scientifique meeting in town to hear a talk and discussion on community power. It was a very interesting talk and I thought that while both speakers may have overstated the case for dramatic effect, they were largely pragmatic and realistic about what can actually be done.

We had a couple of hours before the talk so we did some window shopping and ate out (a rare treat). In one of the shops I spotted a dirt cheap aluminium karabiner suitable for hanging keys on. I had a very nice REI one I had for years that I bought in the US and I've replaced it now a few times in the UK, but I've never had one as light and strong as the REI one. Considering it cost 50p I don't think I'd actually use it for climbing but in case you thought that you could is is stamped with "Not for climbing" all down one side.

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