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Little Visitor

Another sweaty sort of a day.
It was 37 degrees outside, and between 15-10 degrees cooler inside, with just the ceiling fans twirling.

Mr Rosewarne has returned to work today.
But I couldn't resist giving him a call at the office to see how he was faring this morning. Apparently, not so well. He was just getting into the swing of holiday mode.

I have another week off. I plan to get the house keeping up to date.
To kick off, the guinea pigs were given a bath with a pyrethrin compound to kill any mites or fleas, and given a minuscule dose of revolution.
The fridge has been purged and cleaned, and kitchen cupboards cleared and re-rationalised.
Five load of washing have been churned and hung, and fish relocated to the bigger tank. Ironing is next - but I will wait until the cool change breezes through the south facing french doors.

This little visitor was trying to nudge it's way through the glass of our kitchen window. I was surprised by how friendly it was, allowing me to delicately manoeuvre it with my fingers. The prime 50mm lens saved the day again. It is such a versatile little tube, with a great range of f-stops, and cuts out the fussing with zooms.

Thank you for visiting our place little blue spirit!

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