The Gift of a Moment

By GiftofaMoment

Apple Harvest

Goodness, this week has been so incredibly busy. That's the main reason why any entries I've been able to blip have been backblips, at best, and I still need to post yesterday's photo, when I get a chance to edit and choose it.

Why so busy? A friend came in town, several playdates with other moms and their kids, since we had put all these things off until after my treatment . . . oh, and then there's Larkyn's new bedroom to get ready. Today was painting day, and, silly me, I thought that once the floorboards were taped, drop cloth down on the floor, and all was ready for painting, that we might be able to get it done in two hours. It was 3:30 PM at that point, and my hope to get it done by 5:30 was because that was probably about the time Larkyn would awaken from her nap. HA!

I finished the last of it at 11:30 PM. Of course, there was the necessary "recess" to get Larkyn up from her nap, cook dinner, feed her, and oh, I had also promised her we would pick apples today (since the painting would ONLY take a couple of hours, right?), and she did not forget. She's been wanting to pick them all summer, but I kept telling her they needed to grow. Well, now they seem to be ready, so out we went, after dinner.

Larkyn really enjoyed picking them. We filled a large paper bag and barely emptied a few of the branches. That is another project in the future.

If you didn't see my backblips, they start with the 21st of August.

I hope you're all doing well. Sorry I'm such a poor blipper lately. With the whirlwind of activities around here lately, I haven't had a moment to stop by. Now it's 12:26 am, and I must get to bed. Early start tomorrow! Hope you're all having a great weekend!

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