The Gift of a Moment

By GiftofaMoment



Yesterday, we bought a bubble bucket for Larkyn. It's really ingenious - has three slots for 3 bubble wands to go into the bubble mix, but other than that it's completely enclosed. This means, no spills! Because I'm usually tryng to photograph Larkyn blowing bubbles, we've had quite a few spills when using the regular bubble mix container!

Larkyn played with the bubbles last night, and wanted to again today, so as soon as we returned home from church, we were outside (in the ridiculous HEAT) enjoying bubbles! She loved it, and likely didn't feel the heat like I did.

She's so cute when she blows bubbles. She says, "Try this one." (There are three wands to choose from, so she goes through each of them, trying all of them. Then, if she's unable to blow a bubble from one, she puts it down, and says, "Oops, try again!" Whenever she succeeds, she usually congratulates herself in the amazing way toddlers do. "Yay, Larkyn!"

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