The Gift of a Moment

By GiftofaMoment

Sierra Madre

Today didn't quite go as expected, but it was still a good day. A dear friend of mine (we've been best friends since we were ten) came up to visit me, since today was the first day I can be around adults without any restrictions. So, we went to a café in the nearby village for lunch, followed by a hike up one of my favorite mountains . . . well, that is, until she received a phone call from her husband that her son was having an allergic reaction to something (they were down at the lake). So, we had made it about halfway up the mountain and had to run back down, then drive to meet them so she could head back to town with them. Funny that her cell phone even works up here - mine doesn't have any service, but I have a different carrier than she does. Anyway, it was still fun to spend time with her, even if our plans didn't go as expected. On my way back from taking her to meet her family, I stopped at a lookout point and snapped this. The mountain is called Redondo Peak, the highest peak in this mountain range, and also fondly known as the Sierra Madre (translated from Spanish as the Mother Mountain) by some. The rain always heads to her.

I'm spending a lot of my free time up here, editing photos that I've never had a chance to go through, going back to October 2010. It sure is fun to look at all those photos of a baby Larkyn, with her true blue eyes, which have since changed to a decided hazel. Such a tiny baby . . . now she's so much a little girl. When my husband called me this evening, she wanted to "read" her Bible to Mama. So, she "read" several Bible verses to me - she recites those in her children's Bible, because she has heard them so many times. I think one of my favorite verses she recites is this: "Children are a heritage from the Lord. The fruit of the womb is a reward." I am so thankful for that little reward. What a treasure.

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