Little Girl & Puppy Tales

By MissButtercup

Pottering About

Opened curtains this morning and a little black face was looking back at me - not impressed by Charlie the Cat being so high up the plum tree!

Vets with Briar - got the all clear for increased exercise; she was joyous when going in but was terrified of a cat carrier on the way out and hid behind me shaking #bizarre.

Big walk - B ran and ran and ran and... you get the picture.

Burford Garden Company - lots of shopping and a delicious lunch; managed to resist the £1850 hen house; girls, birds & garden got lots of treats.

Drove to Fairford - decided it wasn't worth stopping.

Back to Burford - coffee, 3 French Hens & Joules.

Sainsbury's in Chipping Norton - dinner purchased.

Dog walk - B disappeared through the gates of Prince Bandar's house #thanksforthatB

That's it so far :) x

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