Little Girl & Puppy Tales

By MissButtercup


I left home and then got a text to say their flight was delayed. Have about an hour to wait. Did you know there are 113 calories in a small mocha? I'm going to enjoy everyone of them!

A certain nasty man was making his way to my cottage just as I was leaving. I resisted the urge to run him over.

Missing Husband very much today so glad that I have visitors on the way.

I'm going to phone Bro1 tonight and I'll try not to cry. Been worried SICK about him! I so clearly remember racing mother down the hospital corridor, both of us wanting to be the first to see him, after he was born. For the record - I got there first :)

Publishing this blip from my phone in the airport. Have most likely not added link correctly so I'll be back later x

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