and the beat goes on...

By skippygirl

Keep running

Another busy day at work, lots to do before my week of hell next week where I seem to be working a full five days (how did that happen?!)

Got home was instructed that I had to unpack two boxes before I could go for a long overdue run!

It was a good night for running, still, warmish, peaceful. The verges are just amazing this time of year full of buttercups and cow parsley, reminds me of when I was young and I used to go tearing along the bridleway at the back of our house on my bike, pushing my way along overgrown paths that no one used but me, it was great, I ruled that bridleway and the paths that went into the fields, it was my domain, and no one knew it better than me (or so I like to think:)

Didn't get dinner till 9 tho, and ended up having a long bath. Night all

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