Abnormally average

By Pootar

Holy $#"@

A massive contrast to yesterdays Bee hero!

Picture the scene if you will. It's a hot morning and i'm laying in bed with the duvet off in nothing but boxer shorts, Body oiled up and looking like an adonis. Muscles rippling in the heat.... Ok ignore past the boxers bit. So laying in bed sweating like a beast watching a little bit of tv when i notice thee biggest hornet you can imagine that has landed on the open window and moved into the room. At this point I shit myself near literally! I swear i'm laying there and this monster is staring at me! as I slowly move, his head is moving watching my movements. I get up (slowly) open the door and tell Roggy to get out. By the tone of my voice she knew something was up and got up off the bed jumped to the floor and went out into the hall.
Now the dog is safe you have a decision to make... Kill it or MACROOOO! Got the memory card out the puter whilst keeping an eye on the monster slid it in the camera... "memory card corrupt" wtf?? never had that before! Formated still didn't work. put it back in the puter formatted from there slid it back in the camera. All's ok! Slowly get on the bed and edge forward Snapped a few shots off whilst still in boxers and thinking if he flies at me i'm gonna fall backwards off the bed and be found dead pretty much naked with my camera in my hand (not a good look!).
With the photos taken I'm now stuck with a beast in the room.. What to do? electric fly swatter and RIP Hornet! Except after a lot of crackling noise and smoke the bastard wasnt dead. Did manage to get him in a glass and throw him out the window.. He lived. I cant really say I wanted him to live. He was a demon! A bloody big scary assed demon.

Large? Yes he was!

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