I'm posting this quickly, then getting back out in the sunshine. It really is that bright out there - no processing today at all!

I love this weather. It turns me into a more pleasant human being. I don't even mind getting up in the morning when it's like this (that's really saying something!) and I even took the second rescheduling of Matt's personal tutor appointment in my stride. Ah well, his report was good, so I'm not stressing. It's just tricky when Paul has to book time off work.

A quick shopping trip this morning for 'camping supplies'. I bought some colourful plastic beakers, some pretty paper lanterns, a new hula hoop for Anna and two bottles of M&S Cosmopolitan Fizz. I don't think that's quite the camping stuff Paul had in mind. Can't wait to see his face when he starts to pack up the car and finds it all ;)

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