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an itching in my thumbs

By itchythumbs


a couple hours, late in the afternoon, of laughs with these two ladies.

getting ready for math + science camp, a few weeks away now. unloading all the old supplies. blow up octopi and planets and crabs(?).

i'd link to the video himani took but it isn't on the internet yet...pretty priceless.


this is himani (who you have seen a time or two) and tory, who just joined us in march. they run learning zone together. tory also did pen your own adventures, and now they're teaming up for math + science camp, which is going to prove to be pretty awesome, i think. sam will be joining us to talk plants!


also, i used this octopus to sneak up behind ivonne and scare her with a little octopus tickle. creepy, huh?

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