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a new one in the pond, perhaps looking for the nearly grown-up swan, but her I did not see. Before entering the Randstadrail I wanted to take a picture, perhaps of the young Nile geese that walk in such eager way now towards a person expecting some food.
But the swan came between them and asked for all my attention. In humans I would call it steeling the show or in the theatre drawing all the attention to her/himself (schmieren in dutch language). I easily forgave him.
Enough shots for a whole day.
We travelled to the Weser Upland and arrived at 6 pm. A lovely temperature, an all green scenery and we ate our pizza outside.

My haiku:

Looking for the mate
In spring and lay seven eggs
And spread perfectness

And the proverb:

Next to the originator of a sentence is the first quoter of it.

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