By Hellonwheels


I had an early morning appointment with my white witch herbalist today but once that was out of the way (I got the all clear) my sister and I jetted off to the coast for a sniff at the sea.

It was wonderful. The weather was fine, the tide was in, the waves were choppy, the breeze was bracing and there was a briny tang in the air.

We went for lunch at a posh hotel (where we stayed, for one night, a few years ago). My meal, when it arrived, was like a protein fest consisting of fish, poultry, meat, cheese and egg. I don't think I normally consume protein in that quantity in the space of a week. Sister went for fish and chips (and she tucked in with relish while I convinced myself that my healthy option was just as tasty as her succulent looking, chunky chips). I think she let the side down - how can you be ladies wot lunch whilst devouring fish and chips?

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