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Do please go large! for a better view of the pine trees. It was a hard choice to go long instead of using the close up of the light and trees and mist!

Decades ago I had been living in Sacramento, California. It was a sweltering summer when I packed up to move back to Massachusetts. Because I had no air conditioning in my Toyota I decided to leave at dusk and drive through the night to get away from the heat. I had two cats with me as well and had to think about how they would fare in the heat. After packing for days and with little sleep already we left as the sun kissed the horizon and drove through the night reaching the salt flats at dawn in Utah. The sun coming up over the flats looked more like it was literally coming up from within the white salt itself. I had never in my life seen anything so amazing beautiful as this and had to pull off the road as I had filled with such love and emotion that I could not do anything but take in what I was seeing and feeling. I will remember that feeling, those moments as long as I live.

Today was a day like the sunrise on the salt flats. It started out rather unassuming as sunrises do. It was very beautiful, calming and peaceful. I was alone next to the don't litter sign by what I have deemed Three Rocks by Lake Bomoseen. The mist was rolling east from the cove and seemed to collect by the island.

The event happened slowly and took me by surprise. The mists kept welling and the cloud cover met the mist in a way that when the sun finally greeted the morning, it appeared as a fire within the white mists. It took my breath away. I took shot after shot finding it challenging to actually do that and not stop and just stare at the unfolding.

I decided to move further down to the access. I was joined by a fisherman and a regular fellow to the access. We each stood in our chosen spots eyes agape to the unfolding sunrise. I feel emotional now just thinking of it. I witnessed something sacred, something that could only be likened to a manifestation of pure love and joy and heart. It overtook me in a way that has happened only that one other time - enough to not only make me well up - but to send tears streaming down my face with joy.

Today I was witness to a sunrise. It was a miracle that now resides within me. I have made no secret to my love affair with the sun. I thought I knew how much I loved it. Today that feeling expanded tenfold. I am in a state of bliss.

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Note - photo is NOT edited. It is straight out of my Nikon D90.

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