and the beat goes on...

By skippygirl

One man and his dog

Well to be more accurate it is probably my dog (well it is when he does something unmentionable!)

We went for a nice walk round the cove, taking in Janets Foss as well. It was a lovely day and the walk was just the right distance for the boys (not that that stopped them from complaining)

We left it quite late to go out so subsequently didn't make it back home til late and then had a quandary as to what to eat, in the end we opted for Chinese which met with Bob's approval.

Then when they were in bed it was a continuation of the massive loft clearance so no time for blipping.

This morning I was playing round with the photos from yesterday and I am having a crisis of ethics. On the advice of Earthdreamer I have down loaded a trial of Silver Efex. Its good, in fact its very good, especially for adding drama to otherwise quyite dull shots for example see here. This was a fairly dull shot and its been improved shed loads but it feels a like a cheat. But then again if I were an artist painting I would emphasise some bits of a painting more than others to make the end result look good in very much the same way that I have altered the bliofolio entry. So is it a cheat or not?

Anyway its not my blip for today, this one of Simon got my vote. Its not amazingly amazing but its a shot that sums up our walk and what a nice afternoon it was (apart from the rude woman who told us we should try living in Malham when we commented to ourselves about the profusion of negative signs at the start of the walk to the cove about no parking, no turning, no stopping, no anything in fact; I wonder where she parks when she comes to Skipton? Or where she turns round when she realises she's gone the wrong direction?)

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