and the beat goes on...

By skippygirl


Today was the day of the big public engagement event. 50 students several speakers and training bods for workshops.

I arrived in York at about 7.30am to set up and I don't think I stopped until I caught the train home at 4.30pm. This was the first real big event that I was flying solo without the safety net of boss (big T) who can step in to do a song and dance routine when things don't quite go according to plan. Despite this I think the whole shebang worked quite well and I managed to run a half decent training session in the middle of it. We now have 24 winners who will hopefully create some interesting public engagement activities at the Sheffield Children's Festival in July:)

Big relief.

Now I am slumming it back home.

Also have developed odd prickly rash over the weekend, hence the blip.

Seeing the solicitor tomorrow to discuss house purchase and sale (fingers crossed we might get a date for exchange of contracts)

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