and the beat goes on...

By skippygirl

Sometimes its all a bit too much

Not just blipping but life can be pretty demanding sometimes.

Didn't blip yesterday, was working from home and had a great morning, took Ali to Nursery school and took part in the rhyme time. dropped by at the solicitors to have a chat about progress (or lack of it) did some work. Then caught the bus to Airdale with Ali for his audiology appointment.

His speech is a little behind and nursery are concerned he doesn't engage much with other children, first things first check his hearing. He's never had major problems (unlike his brother who'd had grommets by this age) so I wasn't really that concerned, it was just something to rule out.

We were seen quite quickly and Ali performed brilliantly at putting the pegs in the box when he heard the 'wobbly noise' However they then masked one ear with a different noise and asked him to listen again, at one point the noise through the headphones was so loud I could hear it and yet he wasn't putting the peg in the box.

Turns out he has almost no hearing in his left ear:( we're not sure whether its always been that way (most likely) or if something has caused it. what we do know is his right ear is currently fine and obviously compensating.

Nothing like a piece of earth shattering news to jolt you out of your normal thought processes and actions. I spent the whole time walking home paranoid he wouldn't hear a car and get squashed flat, I mean he's always been very car aware before so why does knowing that he can't hear from one side suddenly make you paranoid? Crazy.

By the way he always hates it when I turn the camera on him its probably as a result of this or this

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