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life in edinburgh

By ExpatMama

Back-to-back coffee dates, all in one place

I spent a very long time in a coffee place today. My friend J said they should've charged me rent but have no fear, they got two expensive coffees and an expensive sandwich out of me.

First I met up with my pal S, pictured, for a great grown-up catch-up. Her gorgeous daughter E and her husband popped in, but it was nice to have a conversation where we weren't chasing toddlers. That said, I still don't think we managed to finish a train of thought -- that's the nature of trying to squeeze a month's worth of catching up into a little over two hours. These guys will be moving to Vancouver in a few months, hopefully for just a year, and A and I will miss them very much.

Just as S was leaving, D and baby S, the first of my yoga2 pals, showed up, as did four of my colleagues, including my big boss. I eventually switched from one sofa to another, but I was there for four and a half hours - ha!

Spending most of my day lolling around coffeeing, I didn't take many photos but this was my favorite of the ones I did.

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