AprilChallenge - 1pm

I'll admit to being on a downer, blipwise. It's taken 450-odd shots to hit it, but my usual enthusiasm isn't there. Maybe it's the weather, maybe I need a holiday and some new scenery. Not sure.

So instead of choosing the shot I felt was 'right', I've chosen this, to inject a bit of fun back into the whole thing. This could be titled 'my Daddy is sooooo funny'...the focus is all over the place, but she makes me smile. Blip the moment, rather than seek perfection!

We took Anna out to the farm shop/cafe (the spiced apple cake I've blipped is gorgeous) after her swimming lesson, while Matt was at our neighbours', playing his new 'Skyrim' xBox game with his mate.

Tonight, it's a switch about. Anna wants to sleepover at my parents', with her cousin Noah (looking VERY small in my year ago shot!!!) so we're taking the opportunity of only having the teenager with us, and going to our very nice local Indian restaurant. Matt will eat anything (except cooked tomatoes, cereal and trifle, weirdly) so we're all revelling in not having to go somewhere that caters for Anna's very plain tastes.

Not a healthy day at all. The wetsuit diet has veered off course.

Tomorrow - Circle. Nearly there, challenge-peeps.

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