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In Dreams

It's annoying to get yourself off to kip at a reasonable time and in a reasonable state and then sleep badly. And it so often happens on a Sunday night. What do recurring dreams tell you about yourself? I am so often in my house and I notice that the fabric of the place isn't sound. Last night the wall in my bathroom was so thin that it was wearing into holes and I could see out into the garden. And there were a collection of barnacles on the wall which I peeled off - they came away easily with a layer of plaster. And all the while, water was running from an upstairs room down the wall and through a hole in the floor. Troubling.
So, to tonight. I have four newspapers still untouched from the weekend! This is not good. I could catch ignorance and sit about blinking like some idiot pigeon. Who'd chat to me then, eh?

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