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News is that the Govt (not sure which layer of Govt in this case) is thinking of introducing plain cigarette packets. Ha. I don't know, I've never smoked anything other than straight grass, but it seems to me the cool bit of cigarette smoking is standing posing smoking the thing. I've yet to see a film where the baaad attitude of the star isn't made that bit more desirable by lighting up. Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction without a cigarette? I think not.

What about this though, from Australia's trailblazing scheme: "Packets will be a dark olive green, after the public was asked what the least attractive colour was." Dark olive green isn't attractive?? I never knew. No wonder I can only pull 'chicks' online! Why did none of my 'friends' tell me? The old dark olive green reefer jacket is out! In with pale grey trackies with a turquoise stripe. Laay-dees!! Yoo-hoo!!!

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