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By distractedhausfrau

What Really Happens at Night

Got more questions today (through a mouth full of chocolate) about the Easter Bunny:

"The Easter Bunny can't be a rabbit, so what kind of bunny is the Easter Bunny?"

"Well, he's an Easter rabbit." (I know, I know -- stupid and vague thing to say.)

"What kind of rabbit is that? I've never heard of an Easter rabbit."

"Well, the Easter Bunny is an Easter bunny. It has to do with Easter magic." (I cringe at myself. I can tell by the look on her face that this explanation is getting old.)

"Easter magic? But what kind of real rabbit is he?"

And on it went, until I finally said, "No one really knows for sure, honey. No one's ever seen him."

"Like Santa? How no one's ever seen him but he's supposed to be real?"


I'm not going to have the kind of kid who knows there is no Easter Bunny or Santa or Tooth Fairy and then pretends she doesn't know, letting her parents blithely continue the myth. Nope, mine is going to question and question and put us on the spot until she gets satisfactory answers. I'm not sure how -- or whether I'm ready -- to give her those answers. In the mean time, I can't help but feel like a bit of a big fraud.


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