Mich und mein Leben

By wilkojohnny

Happy Easter!

From what I've experienced on many other photography sites, Easter and Christmas bring about LOADS of macro pictures of wrapping paper and foil. And maybe a few sweets, dotted around here and there.

I was actually going to jump on this bandwagon and just upload my twix wrapper... until I opened it, saw my penknife and thought 'why not?' You can't really see what it says ('Happy easter') that well due to a mixture of me not engraving it hard enough, my horrible handwriting (ITS NOT NORMALLY THIS BAD!) and bad photography. I would have taken longer on it, but I was hungry. And the temptation was too great.

Forget easter bunnies, I'm more like the easter pig. I'll be surprised if I have any eggs left by next weekend.

AARGH, It's dinner time. With grandparents. Which means buffet. Which means SERIOUS over-eat.

WELLL, it's easter!

Bis Bald!

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