Mich und mein Leben

By wilkojohnny


100 days until I leave for Tanzania! :O

After finding that out, I decided to have a big sort out of all my Tanzania stuff. I actually thought that I had all my equipment, however I soon found out I'm missing a rather large amount. Which is going to cost me £130.

I think World Challenge is playing a game of 'how many additional costs can we add on before EVERYONE drops out?' Initially, the cost was £3,695, and everyone thought that was really expensive. But that doesn't include equipment (£1000-ish), safaris (£300), visas (£30), injections (£500) and ALL sorts of others. I think the overall cost is £5000-ish, which we all have to raise ourselves. I think I still need to pay about £1000!

Busking time I think... Well, next week, I'm busy tomorrow...

But no, I'm sure I'll be able to raise it all somehow...

This trip had better be worth it.

To be honest, the photo was the last thing on my list of priorities right now.
And it shows.

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