Mich und mein Leben

By wilkojohnny

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Today I cleaned someone's car for Tanzania. I've cleaned her car quite a few times before, so I must be doing it OK for her to have be back :D Then after that she asked me to mow her lawn... one of the jobs which I don't mind so much, until I realised her lawnmower had a REALLY wobbly handle and it KEPT ON falling off :/

I've also done quite a bit of revision toady, and I wasn't really distracted by ANYTHING! :O Well, I did look after alfie for part of it. And we had guests round. And I had facebook up on my screen for the majority of the time... :S

This is my car washing bucket. When I go round people's houses to clean their cars, they always seem to be surprised that I have my own car shampoo and stuff... They often actually get LOADS of stuff prepared for me, so I don't need to take my own bits most of the time! In fact, lots of people actually give me car cleaning stuff to use on other people's cars :) AND I always get SO jealous of older people's tea making skills! They always seem to make them SO much nicer than the way I make them. I don't know what they do differently, but they taste so much sweeter even if they put the same amount of sugar in! It's strange. :S

I'm loving all these revision statuses right now. Especially the maths ones. I'm personally not too bad at maths, and on one of the practise papers I got 93/100 :D Just saying.

I might go to sleep soon, I'm REALLY tired :S I was woken up at 7:25 this morning, only an hour after the time I get up for school. :/

Bis Bald

WOW, this is quite long. Well I suppose it is English revision. Kind of. In a way. Sort of.

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