and the beat goes on...

By skippygirl


So they look nice don't they? Would you like one? Bet you would.....

would you still like one if I told you they were part made by a child who'd thrown up yesterday evening?

I thought he was okay, he spent this morning painting, watching telly and helping me make buns (for no other reason that we could - its not as if there isn't an obscene amount of cake in this house already for example and)

But then this afternoon he was grumbling about his tummy and although he hasn't actually puked, his big brother has! Welcome to the house of sickness.

I hesitate to write this as we're meant to be going down to Somerset for a long overdue visit to the parentals this w/e but I'm not entirely sure they'll want to see us unless we've been sick free for a couple of days........

Mind you it won't be the first time a grandchild has arrived and then thrown up all over the place.

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