and the beat goes on...

By skippygirl

birthday party........

Today was Bob's Starwars themed party.

I think I can safely say that's the last year we'll be doing a 'do it yourself' style party in the church hall. The games you think of never last as long as you think they should and the little blighters eat way too quickly!

Bob fell over during one of the games and then decided he'd had enough and wanted to go home.

All in all we got through it but it certainly was not an enjoyable experience and I will never ever begrudge a penny towards getting someone else to devise and create a party for my child, it'll be soft play next year!

During the pandemonium I managed to formally accept the offer on our house now now that the original buyer has found a mortgage, I also rejected an offer from the people who came round on Thursday and had to put the estate agent right when she told me we were due to have a viewing today at 12.30, "what are you talking about?! The house is a tip, we have people staying this weekend and I am in the middle of a six year old's birthday party that won't finish till 12.30, they can't come, oh and by the way we've already accepted an offer from someone else! Go Away!"

After the party ended all the children were returned their light sabers and guns and they were shepherded out in a cloud of ear piercing whistles that someone (okay me) had foolishly included in their party bags- think my name will be like mud on Monday morning!

After all this we decided we needed to relax so we headed off to Bolton Abbey for a quiet walk with Jono and Lesley - poor Lesley (the brother in law's girlfriend) she must think we're all mad but she totally threw herself into the party with gusto - what a star.

Chicken and leek pie for tea and the boys were in bed on the dot of 7.30 ahhhhh peace

Sorry too much going on at party and we left the camera in the car! So here's a Bolton Abbey daff

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