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Rushing at home to get to work for some interviews, whilst first trying to get to the bottom of a software problem on my laptop which has seen windows failing to recognise external media drives. Cue the chorus: change to Mac! This would be a major move, though, and couldn't be effected without persuading work to give me an Apple desktop as well. I have thought about it though. The problem seems to be related to software conflicts when I use the vpn to work, and map the network drives onto my laptop. For now, I've kicked these out, but I'll have to see at the weekend what happens when I put them on again. I cannot really manage without them.

This photograph was inspired by one I saw that Sgt Pepper had taken which I just saw in his flickr set. However, when I set out to emulate it, I didn't really have enough time or patience, or indeed the right sort of light in the flat. Well, it'll do for today. No time to worry. That's the life of the ordinary working blipper.

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