Mich und mein Leben

By wilkojohnny



This is Alfie. We actually got him last Saturday, however because of my german exam and stuff I haven't had much oppurtunities to play with him until today :) Wir haben in die Garten zusammen gespielt. :)

My german exam is TOMORROW, however I've memorised it all and I'm actually quite confident about it :D It was actually going to be on Thursday, however I had the option to swap with somebody and took it :)

I'm probably going to live to regret that decision... but never mind! :S

I went to the library on the way home today to collect a book for my dad, and it's all changed so much!! :O It's all automated and everything! Although I am a bit of a fan of techonology, personally I HATE it. :/

Bis Bald!

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