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By Runhills

Fruit Salad

......or part of it anyway.

Thanks very much for all of the comments on my 200th blip yesterday.

Another good day today, not quite as busy but a good day all the same.

I forgot to mention that when I started blipping I found it hard to decide which picture to use for blip so a couple of days after my first blip I started putting another on Facebook, for most of the time it was a different picture but occasionally I would use the same one, that had to stop when I linked blip to Facebook, it had to be a different picture once again. Tonight is my 199th daily Facebook picture.

I took Daughter #2 and my Mum back to Preston tonight to have a look at the lasers, while we were there we bumped into 2012 My Olympic Year, he had been taking a few pictures but said he had something much more interesting for tonight's blip and I tend to agree with him!

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