Mich und mein Leben

By wilkojohnny

Polos :)

This is what german exam revision reduces me to -_-

I've spent 90% of today revising for my german exam :S SO BORING!! :/

This morning, I went to music centre and bought a tube of polos. Personally, I prefer the XXX-Strong mints from poundland, but seeing as my personal stash has run out I just got polos instead :/

I've actually already eaten more than 3/4 of the packet... and I've only had them for about 5 hours :S:S:S

Ermmm.... yeah. Mainly spent today revising for german, but there was one point when I actually fell asleep on my bed for an hour :/


But yeah, still today has been a good day overall :)

Bis Bald!

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