Mich und mein Leben

By wilkojohnny

OUCH!! :/


On the way home from school today, I fell off my bike :/

Well, technically I didn't fall OFF my bike, I was still on it at the end :/

Anyway, I ended up sliding across the road and hitting my head on the kerb :/ I have a few little scabs and bruises but nothing very serious :) It must've been quite noisy though, since a cook in the restaurant by the road came out to see how I was, and then an old woman also checked I was OK :) It also was a bit embarrasing since if anybody else would've looked they would've seen me casually sliding across a road on my side! :/

THANK GOD I was wearing a helmet, since my head hit the kerb quite hard :/ I have quite a bad headache at the moment, but it could've been a whole lot worse!

It's my dad's birthday today as well :)

Hope you had a less painful day!!

Bis Bald!

Wow, my helmet looks brand new in this picture... It's a bit more scratched and dented in real life!

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