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Nature Rocks

This is Ceridwen & Casey in a natural pile of rocks, with the one above perched on the tips of three others, all high on a hilltop, overlooking Dinas on the coast of Wales. It's especially cool to me because I've visited about a dozen neolithic burial chambers in the UK and France, but none of the cap stones are anywhere near as big as this thing, and even that is if the cap stone is still on the uprights. Also, this pile is placed with a more spectacular view than most of the burial chambers, including Stonehenge. The only one I've been to that compares for scenery is the somewhat-famous Pentre Ifan, which is not far from here and also high in the hills. This pile is far, far older than any burial chamber.

Today's walk included a stop to see the donkeys. I fell in love and I'm lobbying for Ceridwen to find and adopt a few of those delightful creatures. She also showed me the cleanest pig sty in the world.

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